Livestock cooperative
in Salamanca

Dehesa Grande is a livestock cooperative in Salamanca that specialized in cattle. We are more than 600 farmers who have come together to improve the raising and characteristics of our Iberian cows and pigs, for the enjoyment of the most demanding palates.

Our aim is that hoteliers and consumers in general enjoy tender, juicy, 100% Salamanca-flavored Iberian beef or pork. Thanks to the care and dedication of each of our farmers and the wonderful Dehesa Salmantina.

Salamanca beef

Our beef, thanks to the careful raising and the pastures of the Salamanca meadows, give quality meats, juicy and with a very special flavor. At Dehesa Grande, we are committed and certified in Animal Welfare and we are specialists in beef.

Fresh meat and Iberian pork sausages

Our farmers, dedicated to raising Iberian pigs in the field, take advantage of the virtues of the Dehesa to obtain meat with the perfect proportion of fat and the best flavor. A wide range of fresh and cured Iberian pork products, ranging from Iberian secret to 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham.

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