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Do you have a butcher shop? We are looking for you.

Do you have a butcher shop and you are looking to increase profitability and serve better product? Do you have problems with your suppliers? Are you tired of contacting a supplier for each product?

Forget about all the problems and dedicate yourself to selling.

Dehesa Grande Franchise de Carnicerías offers you a different model of butcher’s shop, where the corporate image plays an important role and where you only have to worry about selling. We are your purchasing Centre and your main supplier. You will have the best price on the market and you will increase your commercial margin. You will increase your profits.

  • We offer you a new image that will attract new customers.
  • Our products are certified with the best quality brands.
  • The best prices in the market.
  • Technical advice to sell what your customers are looking for.

Key in hand 39.000 euros*
*Estimated investment for a 100m2 butcher shop.


Personalized budget

Thinking of setting up a butcher shop? Do it with the best

Do you want to set up a butcher shop and are looking for a profitable and proven model? Dehesa Grande Franchise de Carnicerías offers you a solid project with proven profitability. Our butcher’s shops work.

Butcher shops with their own image

You will have the best product, controlled thanks to our closed cycle. You will have it at the best price. No intermediaries. From our field to your butcher shop, directly from the factory. Fresh products of excellent quality provided by the charro´s field.

  • Butchery machinery and furniture.
  • Design and decoration of the Point of Sale.
  • The best product at the best price.
  • Advice on finding premises.
  • Technical advice on products.

Turnkey 39.000 euros*
*Estimated investment for a 100m2 butcher shop.

Find us in Madrid - Seville - Salamanca - Badajoz – Zamora

Our butchers

Here are photos of some of our assembled shops. You will appreciate the renewed and commercial image of our establishments. This, together with the best meat, makes Dehesa Grande the best choice for a butcher’s franchise.

Here are some of the advantages you will have by collaborating with the Dehesa Grande Butchers’ Franchise. We look after all our butchers, we pamper them and we supply them with the best product at the best price.

Some advantages of the Carnicerías Dehesa Grande Franchise.

Brand image

Dehesa Grande gives your butcher’s shop a group image under a quality brand.

High distribution capacity

We are prepared to deliver our meat to any corner of the peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands.

Top quality product

Our meats are top quality. We have a wide variety of products and qualities, and you can choose from all of them the ones that best suit your area of operation.

Wide range of products

We have everything you need to make your butcher shop work.

Factory prices

We are meat producers. Forget about intermediaries that make your price more expensive.

The best price, the more sales

By buying directly from the manufacturer, you will have better prices, better margins, and you will be able to sell cheaper than your competition.

We define ourselves as a Butcher’s Franchise. At Dehesa Grande, we are looking for butchers and investors who want to work with us. We offer a wide variety, the best product, and the best price with a new and current brand image that our customers love. You just have to sell our meat!

Why franchise with Dehesa Grande?

The best price in the market

The closed circle of our production allows our quality is not at odds with having one of the best retail prices in our sector, so that success against our competitors is assured.

No stocks, we are your warehouse.

Our own distribution network of Dehesa Grande allows you to have the product you need in 24 hours anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula. In this way, we act as a warehouse, saving you that cost. With the Dehesa Grande Butchers’ Franchise, you only have to sell.

The best selection of products

Having a privileged geographical location in the Duero-Douro natural park allows us to have access to a series of natural products of artisan production that we can offer in our points of sale. All of them are complementary products to our star product: the meat. In Dehesa Grande Franchise butcher’s shops, we take care of all the details to obtain the maximum satisfaction of the client, who in the end is our profitability.

Contact with Dehesa Grande

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Our headquarters

Departamento de Expansión
Crtra. Moronta Km 1,300
Vitigudino – Salamanca

Schedule and contact

Business hours: 09.00h – 20.00h
(+34) 607 013 072


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