Dehesa Grande: Salmantina´s livestock cooperative specialized in beef

Since 2000, Dehesa Grande S. Coop has brought together 600 farmers with 30,000 fattening cows, most of the breeding stock being F2 descendants of the native breed, 65,000 sheep and 500 Iberian breeders.


Our members belong to seven first-degree´s cooperatives in the province of Salamanca

  • Consorcio de Promoción Del Ovino (Sheep Promotion Consortium): Constituted in 2002 and located in Villalpanado (Zamora), it is a first grade cooperative, specifically the largest cooperative in the sector at a European level and the leading company in sheep collection.
  • Fuentevacuna S. Coop. : Formed by 90 beef cattle farmers with 8,000 cows, it is located in Fuenteliante (Salamanca).
  • Ganavaex S. Coop.: Formed by 40 beef cattle breeders with 5.000 mother cows, it is located in Puertas (Salamanca).
  • Campo Vacuno: Located in the region of Vitigudino with about 2.000 mother cows.
  • Carne Natural de Ledesma (Ledesma Natural Meat) : Located in Rollán (Salamanca) it is made up of 33 cattle farmers and 3,000 cows.
  • Vacuno Béjar S. Coop.: Composed of some 30 farmers and 2,500 cows, it is located in Béjar.
  • Ganaderos de Morucha S. Coop.: Which groups together 50 morucha meat farmers from Salamanca. 

In 2017, our cooperative had a total turnover of 33 million euros through the commercialization and/or slaughter of 25,000 beef carcasses, 75,000 lamb carcasses and 3,000 Iberian pig carcasses.

As a Priority Cooperative Society since 2017, Dehesa Grande carries out a complete traceability control: genetic improvement, controlled feeding, good management, technical and veterinary advice and certification. For this purpose, it has its own slaughterhouse and cutting facilities which form Dehesa Grande S.A. and which provide service to the entire cooperative group, with a turnover of around 4 million euros.

Along with our trading activity and in order to compensate in certain moments of the market the production of the partners and to guarantee that our clients always have their product up to date, we have several feedlots that serve us as a production regulator.

Finally, within our cooperative group is Ibéricos Dehesa Grande S. Coop., a marketer of fresh and cured Iberian pork products.

Established in 2004, Ibéricos Dehesa Grande Society is made up of farmers dedicated to raising Iberian pigs in the countryside and marketing their products. The activity developed by our cooperative is the marketing, transformation and distribution of pigs, trying to achieve a line of quality products, with a high performance and greater market demand.


The growth of our cooperative is evident and for more than ten years. Dehesa Grande has been exporting products to other countries, mainly to the Portuguese market through hypermarkets, distributors and butcher’s networks, which mainly consume meat from yearling and bull. These exports reach a turnover of 12 million euro of beef.


Head of cattle slaughtered per year


Millions of Euros of turnover in beef sales


Millions of Euros of turnover in sales of Iberian pork


Millions of Euros turnover in slaughterhouse services


Our more than 600 partners benefit from comprehensive and highly diversified services.

  • Farm certification: Dehesa Grande has an optional labeling sheet that guarantees our clients quality meat. This requires our partners to comply with a rigorous protocol that includes health and food inspections both on farms and at the slaughterhouse.
  • Veterinary advice: Our specialist technicians attend to any health problem or disease that may arise on our partners’ farms.
  • Technical advice: Our technicians supervise new projects or renovations of our partner´s facilities.
  • Livestock marketing:: All our partners’ livestock is marketed under the same conditions, regardless of the market situation.
  • Formulation and animal nutrition: We work monthly with nutritionists who ensure that our feed is always the most competitive in quality and price without losing properties.

Customers and distributors of our meat

At Dehesa Grande we work with some of the most prestigious hypermarket chains.


At Carrefour through the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of Salamanca’s Morucha meat, of which our cooperative is the operator of this quality label.

We are also the new supplier of beef in the category “Dehesa Grande-Tierra de Sabor” by Carrefour.

A total of ten large hypermarkets spread throughout Castilla y León: Ávila, Burgos, León, Palencia, Ponferrada, Salamanca, Valladolid (Parquesol, Vallsur y Valladolid 2) and Zamora already have a number of product references (first class a fillets, first class b fillets, steak, etc….) located in the butcher’s area. Each package has the logo of the denomination “Dehesa Grande-Tierra de Sabor” and the traceability label that guarantees the freshness and quality provided by our cooperative

In addition, we have distributors in San Sebastian, Alicante, Madrid or Salamanca, offering also a direct sale to butcher shops in Salamanca, Zamora or Madrid and to all our franchises.

On the other hand, through a refrigeration agency, we manage to reach restaurants, retailers and individuals with orders in 48 hours anywhere in the peninsula.

In addition, our facilities are certified and approved to serve Mc´Donalds through its supplier OSI Food, being a large part of our major channels for this client.


In Portugal, Dehesa Grande supplies the French hypermarket chain Intermarché , as well as other important operators, wholesalers, supermarkets and butcher’s chains.

Cooperative’s facilities

  • Private feedlots: Almost all of our production is fattened in the facilities of our partners.
  • Community feedlot: This facility regulates production for our marketing company.
  • Pasture calf life stock management Centre: Exclusively for our customers who buy live pasture calves.
  • Slaughterhouse: Its 4,000 square meters provide space for facilities capable of slaughtering 25,000 cattle carcasses, 75,000 lamb carcasses and 3,000 Iberian pig carcasses annually.
  • Cutting room
  • Dryers for Iberian products
  • Sausage factory