Veal chop (tenderloin and sirloin)

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The veal chop comprises vacuum-packed sirloin and loin filleted, ready to cook.

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Weight 12 kg
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Sirloin is the most appreciated and exquisite cut because it is a very tender and juicy meat despite not having fat infiltrations. It is an ideal piece to roast in the oven and make a roast beef.

The tenderloin is classified as high and low and in any case it is a very tender and juicy piece.

The high loin is a clean, juicy meat, it is the front part of the loin and its cuts are highly valued. It is ideal for frying, grilling, grilling or grilling.

The loin is the back of the loin, being a juicy, lean and tender meat providing fillets of great unctuousness. The steaks that are between the ribs, it would be the entrecote.

The order is 12/15 kg. approx.

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